Jude’s eating by himself now.



Little helpers!

Hannah and Jude have both been wanting to help clean up lately. Here’s a look.








Some good teachings…

Some teachings on the Word and our identity in Christ…also some encouragement for standing in battle (they both are a series).

Milt Green–The Pure Heart: about what comes out of your mouth–is the fruit good or bad?

Milt Green–How to Walk The Gospel Out: loving the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; overcoming; walking in peace

It’s really struck me recently how vital it is to know who we are in Christ.  We cannot overcome, we cannot obey, we cannot be fruitful unless we are in Christ.  There’s nothing good in me–that is, in my flesh.  The Lord has to manifest in me or it’s all vanity and religion.

May the Lord manifest himself in his bride.  May He be exalted.  May we partner with him and become a good inheritance for him.  May the Lord be glorified.

The fishing game

We decided to play a fun fishing game from our friend Holly. Hannah loved it! She’s getting pretty good and only started tonight.  Thanks, Hollly!



Yay!  She got one!




And another one!



Jude played for a bit and then decided to taste the fishing pole.  :)


Hannah’s fishing for Jude…


and she caught two!  Alright!


She loves this game!  :)

An update

Dear brothers and sisters:

I pray you are all abiding in Him as we watch the world fall apart and He shakes everything that can be shaken. I praise Him for His faithfulness to me, and I know that He will yet deliver us all from whatever comes our way. May we “count it all joy” in the fire of trials as they produce proof of our trust’s genuineness.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia with others from the school as well as some current students and alumni. It was a wonderful trip, and I truly felt that the Lord used it to change me. We saw a little girl named Lin Hua rescued from an abusive father who had been using her to beg for money, we were able to help in the renovation of a termite infested house of worship, and we were also able to see and rejoice in the wonderful, authentic body of believers among the Cambodian nationals. For some reason, poverty can produce “the sentence of death in ourselves, so that we don’t trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead.” Additionally we have been in contact with some local Cambodian nationals around here and are still trying to get the little one-year old taken care of. Please click on the link below to read more details.

Current needs

Please pray for us. We need prayer for wisdom in regard to what decision we will make in December when we are required to submit our letter of intent in regard to employment here. We want to do HIS will and just want to hear rightly. Please pray that we can stay faithful to him.

With love and sincerity,



Fun things for Hannah

Hannah loves to iron!  She'll be a great helper someday.

Hannah loves to iron! She’ll be a great helper someday.


She uses this to water and starch.

She uses this to water and starch.

Smooth and smooth...til no wrinkles.  :)

Smooth and smooth…til no wrinkles. :)

Hannah helped me cook something for Jude (a few months ago).

Hannah helped me cook something for Jude (a few months ago).

Pouring in vanilla.

Pouring in vanilla.

Stirring it all up.

Stirring it all up.

And squeezing...we tried to squeeze the cookies out of the bag (it didn't work).

And squeezing…we tried to squeeze the cookies out of the bag (it didn’t work).